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A Special Case Study That Shows You The Inside Steps To Becoming a Kindle Publishing Bestseller

Hi, My name is Shira Gal. I’m a published author and for over a year I’ve been helping others publish and market their books on Amazon Kindle.

Recently with all the hype surrounding Kindle Publishing and the mass of misinformation and watered down training; I decided to set the record straight and show you what it really takes to having a successful Kindle book on Amazon.

You see, hitting the PUBLISH button in Amazon is easy. Setting your book up for success is another story altogether.

And there is nothing more heart wrenching than publishing your book and not getting any sales or readers. After all your masterpiece is ready and you and your book deserve to be recognized!

Chris Lang the author of Plenzes and a well known Internet Marketer decide to published his first book to Amazon Kindle. Chris was sure that he didn’t know a lot about publishing on kindle… but he didn’t know what he didn’t know.

Although Chris is a veteran Internet Marketer, he had no idea how to take advantage of the Amazon Selling Platform or how to position his new book in the Kindle Store for maximum exposure and sales!

As an internet Marketer Chris knew of my success as an Amazon Kindle expert… He knew I was publishing books to Kindle and helping my students hit the bestseller list , so Chris asked me to mentor him to make his book, Plenzes, have a shot at the bestsellers list.

Chris had just uploaded his book to the Kindle store. He had no idea whether he did it properly and wanted me to critique his work and add in some  what he called “magic”.

I took a look at Chris’s book and saw that he needed to improve a lot of things about his book and Amazon sales listing. Chris wasn’t getting the recognition he could as a published Amazon author, also known as “authority” in the Amazon Kindle World.

For example: Chris’s Kindle book description, author bio and other sales page elements were a complete mess. In order to draw a lot more potential readers from both Amazon and Google but he had take advantage of the many Amazon features available to help books sell!

As I mentored Chris on how to optimize his Kindle Book Product Listing on Amazon (the listing people click on to buy!), I showed Chris how to get set up properly on Amazon and take advantage of The Amazon Selling Mindset.

Everyone that visits Amazon is ready to buy…

…but… will they find and buy YOUR KINDLE BOOK?

Get access to this case study and get the real info and insights on how to make your Kindle Book sell more copies and get better visibility on Amazon and Google.

These are simple steps anyone can master!

You don’t need to spend  Thousands of Dollars on this information, it’s right here in The Truth About Publishing With Kindle Case Study for only $197.
The Truth About Publishing With Kindle Case Study


 “OK, so you took the plunge, wrote a book and got it up on Amazon and all your friends downloaded it to their Kindles. Great, now what?

Well I did the same thing, spent an entire month writing and editing my first ever fictional book, called Plenzes. Poured my heart and soul into the thing and nearly got a divorce after driving my wife crazy as my editor to 20 story changes.

The next step was to promote the thing and since I know nothing about Amazon or Kindle I called up Shira Gal.

She took hold of the reins on this and created a 3 part webinar series for my followers showing me step by step how these amazing Amazon tools can work for you.

>>> First she fixed my basic profile marketing, my author profile and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on it, my book layout and description SEO and little tweaks that made such a big difference.

>>> Then Shira went on to help me use the Kindle keyword tools to help Kindle users find me on Amazon. Amazingly, Amazon will do this all for you when you know where to look.

>>> Amazon becomes a virtual salesman that trumps the “Always Be Closing” saying by going out of it’s way to always be selling my book for me. It’s was easy to turn on these tools when Shira shows me how.

>>> You will be spending less time on Twitter, Facebook and Google combined when you see the social tools Shira showed me right inside Amazon to brand yourself and interact with buyers that simply do not know your book exists but want to buy now.

>>> I was really blown away when I found I could create tons of links to my sites on autopilot that are totally white-hat using Amazon’s cool curation tools. Set it and forget it SEO FOR SURE!

Seriously guys, I have been creating info products for 13 years now, and making my living online for over a decade. But I have never had anyone show me that a whole new world exists where we can not only make money but drive traffic to where I really want it, on my site.

I am not easily impressed. I have NEVER cast a testimonial anything like this ever and I do not risk my reputation on writing reviews to anything but the real deal.

So stop what you are doing, scroll to the bottom now and pull your credit card out now, this is the one system that you simply cannot afford to miss this…”

Chris Lang

Author or Plenzes


Here’s What You Get…

7 Training Videos Instant Online Access Covering:

Video 1 – We start to tear apart Chris’s Kindle listing for his new book Plenzes:
  • Kindle Book Cover – Book cover critique and feedback – what makes a book cover pop in the Kindle Book Store, how can Chris improve his book cover.
  • Kindle Book Title – What goes into a great title, Using keywords in your title, enhanced title structures.
  • Kindle Book Reviews and Review Pages on Amazon – The power of Amazon Reviews, The anatomy of a review page and how to leverage it for Google and Amazon visibility.
  • Social Proof – Elements that increase social proof and lead to more sales on your Kindle Book listing.

Video 2 –  Always Be Selling 24/7/365

  • Amazon as a Commerce Platform – Get into the Always Be Selling Mindset of Amazon.
  •  Kindle Book Description – We tear apart Chris’s book description and give lot’s of feedback and insights on how to create an amazing book description for both fiction and nonfiction books. Additional sneaky tactics to get more attention for your book from Google and Amazon.
  • What are Amazon Verified Purchases and why they should matter to you.
  • How is the Amazon Bestsellers rank calculated and what to expect for your book


Video 3 – Identifying Keywords & Tags To Increase Your Kindle Book Visibility  on amazon and Google

Get insights from the discussion and see what changes Chris made after the first training in addition to:

  • The Kindle Book Review Process – What you need to watch out for to make sure your book sails through the approval process (Watch this to save time and aggravation).
  • How to use Keywords for your Kindle Book Listing and Promotion.
  • Kindle Book Tags – We uncover the incredibly powerful Amazon Tag search and walk through the hidden elements of using Kindle book tag information to leverage your Kindle book visibility and sales.

Video 4 – The Power of Your Amazon Author Central Profile

  • Amazon Author Biography – Although Chris is a full time Marketer, he failed to complete his Amazon Author Central Profile correctly. Watch this to understand the difference between an Author Bio and a social Bio as we dissect Chris’s Amazon Author Bio.
  • Amazon Author Profile Elements – Completing your author profile to increase traffic and authority.
  • How to set up your valuable author URL to increase authority and traffic.

Video 5 – How To Increase Downloads By Strategically Structuring Your Kindle Book

In this training session we take a deeper look into Chris’s book and give sneaky tips on how to increase downloads by strategically changing it up

  • Your Kindle Sample Chapter – Important insights on how to structure your sample chapter to increase sales
  • About the Author – How to properly end your book to increase your authority and get sales for other books or products in your arsenal.
  • Kindle Book Formatting horrors – We find and discuss several formatting elements you must not ignore!
  • Dealing with Images in Kindle Books

Video 6 – The Little Known Secrets of Kindle Book Extras

  • Check out Chris’s improved Amazon Author Central Profile
  • Copywriting tips for a fabulous bio
  • The importance of Editorial Reviews and how to get them
  • How to use Kindle Book Extras to get even more readers to your book

Video 7 – Amazon Author Video Trailers and Book Trailers

In this video Chris and I discuss types of video trailers you can create for your book as well as take apart several book trailers on YouTube.

  • Kindle Book Video Trailers – types of trailers, do’s and don’ts, ideas for video trailers
  • Types of video trailers, how much should they cost and important conversation about buying media
  • Get more views to your YouTube Book Trailer video – How to properly optimize your book video trailer on YouTube
  • Easy free platform to create simple video trailers – some companies charge $600 for these

Bonus Training on how to set up a KDP Select Promotion and Internet Launch

How to use your birthday or special event to get loads of traffic to your KDP Select Promotion

In this special bonus training I show Chris how to set up a KDP Select promotion on Amazon Kindle in honor of his birthday. Not only that, I walk Chris though setting up external promotion from across the web to drive even more traffic and downloads to Chris’s promoted book.

  • Enrolling in KDP Select
  • Setting up a KDP Select Promotion
  • Scheduling a Kindle Nation Daily Promotion
  • Setting up Amazon and Google events for promotion
  • Leveraging YouTube and social media to get the word out about a special KDP select promotion

You don’t need to spend  Thousands of Dollars on this information, it’s right here in The Truth About Publishing With Kindle Case Study for only $197.

Our 180 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Why You Risk Absolutely Nothing

I’m so positive this will work for you that I’m willing to make the following guarantee…

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, then simply contact me and I’ll return your entire payment to you quietly and without any question up to 6 months after purchase.


Brilliant series. I have a book on Amazon, and learned a ton.
Tnx Shira and Chris!!!


You are a fountain of wealth of publishing knowledge. I have learned a great deal and if and when I write and publish that book we all have inside of ourselves, I am sure it will pay great dividends. Already know the title Second Sunday in May…Got-a-Booth, which encapsulates 20 years in the restaurant industry and have done some work with mind mapping.

Will keep checking back on Chris’s book to see how much of the received input he puts in place and how it shapes his upcoming second Plenzes book, which in all likely hood will be published after his upcoming stop in Ohio as my best guess.

Thanks again for the great Webinars,”
Hank M.


Shira, your Kindle training course couldn’t have come at a better time for me.
I’ve been one of Chris Lang’s G+ Jedi members since the beginning and it has been through Chris that
I have been made aware of your expertise.

I wrote a short book in the Interior Decorating/Design marketplace some years ago and have been selling
the odd copy here and there through the usual online channels but have never even considered Kindle nor
had the first idea about how to go about it.

Your course has changed all that and I’m all fired up about the potential that you have opened my eyes to.

You’ve put together a fantastic set of videos that are crammed with first rate instructions and some golden
nuggets that will help me to maximize the full potential of Kindle.

I can’t wait to get started and follow on from the success that you have enabled Chris to achieve with his
first Kindle publication.”

Mark Watts


Our 180 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Why You Risk Absolutely Nothing

I’m so positive this will work for you that I’m willing to make the following guarantee…

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, then simply contact me and I’ll return your entire payment to you quietly and without any question up to 6 months after purchase.

P.S. You have absolutely nothing to lose because of my full six month money back guarantee. For less than the price of dinner and a movie you will be glad you invested in this case study series today.

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